"I've grown dramatically using the REAL process.
I am looking forward to my best year of golf in 2011!"
-Kyle Warren (Canadian PGA Tour)

     "Playing in tournaments has never been more fun! I'm reaching my potential by Keeping it REAL"
Scott Sexton (U.S. Public Links Qualifyer, Collegiate Player)

"My game is growing better every day, thanks Coach."
-Felicia Titus (Collegiate Player)

"Not only have my scores become better, I enjoy golf more than ever."
-John Solarzcyk (Recreational, Business Player)

"I had never touched a club before, now we look forward to every week of golf."
-Annette & Sean McCarthy (Recreational, Business Players)

"Though I just started keeping it REAL, I can already see incredible results."
-Breanne Lockard (Collegiate Player, Amateur Player)



"The only person that I will allow to get in my head is Coach."
-Steve Grove (Collegiate, Amateur Player)

"Play REAL Golf has helped me play the best golf of  my life."   
-Amanda Mathiasmeier (Former Collegiate now Amateur Player)

"I have never had more fun playing golf, keeping it REAL is awesome."
-Brian Krivitsky (Recreation, Business Player)

"The REAL process has given me a new level of enjoyment and performance."
Steve Schmidt (Business Player)

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